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What Is The Range Of Wear-resistant Pipes?

Apr. 03, 2019

Today we Wear-resistant Ceramic Sheet Manufacturer come to summarize What is the range of wear-resistant pipes.

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Wear-resistant Ceramic Sheet

Wear-resistant pipe use range:

Wear-resistant elbows are widely used in the following industries in addition to ash removal, slagging pipes, powder feeding, powder return pipes and desulfurization pipes in coal-fired power plants:

Mine: Coal water slurry, coal washing mud, mine filling and coal powder in the coal industry;

Metal mine: Conveyor wear elbow for concentrate and tailings;

Metallurgy: pipelines for coal injection and slag transfer in blast furnaces of iron and steel plants;

CAO, zinc-sand-sand conveying pipeline, steel-coated ferroalloy, refining, and other preferred wear-resistant elbows;

Cement plant: Raw slurry transport, pulverized coal conveying, hoisting of the hoist, pneumatic conveying and loading of the finished cement, and concrete wear-resistant elbow. Chemical plant: pulverized coal conveying pipeline, silicon powder, and other raw materials to transport wear-resistant elbow.

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