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The Whole Process Of Making Ceramic Wear-resistant Tubes

May. 24, 2019

As a Chemical Fillers Manufacturer, we will discuss The whole process of making ceramic wear-resistant tubes.

The manufacturing process of the Wear-resistant Ceramic Tube is to put the steel pipe on the machine, put the aluminum oxide into the pipe wall and heat it, and the steel pipe starts to rotate. When the temperature is moderate, the workers will ignite, only the fire is flashing, white smoke When it came out, the steel tube became red, and the speed of slow rotation slowed down. The hot red began to fade back, and finally, the crane dragged it away, then put it aside and waited for it to cool, then sent it. Go to places where there is a lot of friction in construction sites, chemicals, minerals, etc. where they are needed.

Temperature resistance toughness of wear-resistant ceramic tubes in heat treatment:

Wear-resistant ceramic wear-resistant pipes have the best comprehensive performance, and they have sufficient strength, excellent plasticity and low hardness, which is one of the reasons why they are widely used.

Wear-resistant Ceramic Tube

The wear-resistant tube is similar to most other metals. The tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness of the wear-resistant ceramic tube increase with decreasing temperature: the plasticity of the wear-resistant ceramic tube decreases with decreasing temperature. The tensile strength increases rapidly in the range of temperature of 15-80 ° C. When the temperature is further lowered, the change is slow, and the increase of yield strength is relatively uniform.

More importantly: as the temperature of the wear-resistant ceramic tube decreases, the impact toughness decreases slowly and there is no brittle transition temperature. Therefore, the 18-8 wear-resistant ceramic tube can maintain sufficient plasticity and toughness at low temperature. For example, at a temperature of 196 ° C, the impact absorption work can reach 392 J; even at the liquid helium temperature (1700 ° C), it can prevent stress concentration. The ability to develop brittle fracture.

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