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Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Application Range

Jul. 27, 2018

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter is principally used in metallurgy, foundry business, the product features at a big surface area, high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance. From the casting of liquid alloy, honeycomb ceramic filter can filter out impurities, decrease casting porosity, improve casting quality, as a result: projecting cost is reduced and labor productivity is enhanced.

Once the molten liquid metal passes through the ceramic honeycomb channel, the debris, the slag and other inclusions are removed. Honeycomb Ceramics filter enhances the standard of molten metal flow. A stable and fast laminar molten metal flow prevents air from getting into the molten metal stream, molten metal getting oxidized and splashing out.

Experiments demonstrate that, after utilizing honeycomb ceramic filters, the molten aluminium mobility is enriches by about 25 to 30%; the casting rejection rate is decreased by 85 percent; the casting strength is increased by 10 to 20%; the mobility of molten iron has been improved by 10 to 15%; the pore flaws in projecting is significantly reduced; the casting machining performance is greatly improved. Because the impurities are filtered out, the challenging point in projecting is also eliminated. Presently, ceramic honeycomb ceramic filter has been applied to aerospace, automotive, machinery and many other casting regions, to enhance the reliability and functionality casting.

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

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