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The Feature Of Alumina Filling Bead

Jun. 11, 2018

Alumina Filling Bead, composed of over 99 percent sintered alpha-alumina with very low impurity levels, are basically inert in most chemical surroundings.

The very low protein content creates High Temperature Resistant Alumina Filling Bead a superb selection for high temperature applications in the presence of water partial pressures, in which silica leaching has to be kept minimum, like in reformers for synthesis gas generation.

The minimal degree of different impurities makes Alumina Filling Bead an fantastic recommendation for encouraging adsorbents used to purify responsive monomers like ethylene and propylene.

The ultra slim porosity, very large density and outstanding thermal shock resistance of Alumina Filling Bead create them perfect for regenerative burner and filtering websites for the metals sector.

Alumina Filling Bead

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