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Environmental Issues Of Ceramic Enterprise

Dec. 01, 2018

Today, when smog is active in major news media reports, environmental protection is everywhere and everyone advocates energy conservation. Environmental protection has become imperative. Energy saving and emission reduction are not for "complete tasks", but for the future development of the company, but also for the next generation, without having to live under the blue sky and white clouds under the smog dome.

Small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises are the main subjects to bear. Because of the problems of capital and technology, SMEs are often the most prone to environmental problems. Some small enterprises do not process the gas emitted during the production process in order to save costs or deal with pollution. The technical level of the material is insufficient to meet the standard, which leads to a series of environmental pollution problems.

The government has also increased penalties in law. Such enterprises have become legally compliant, and have increased the enforcement of laws in major ceramic producing areas. It has become more difficult to pollute enterprises.

Nowadays, we need to use a higher price to exchange the blue sky of the past. Under the dome, ceramic companies are already in action.

As a company specializing in the production of High Purity Chemical Fillers, Low Density Alumina Ceramic Tile 

and Grinding Alumina Ball, we should take environmental issues as our responsibility, cooperate with relevant government policies, increase supervision of sewage treatment systems, and improve work efficiency to make people satisfied.

High Purity Chemical Fillers, Low Density Alumina Ceramic Tile, Grinding Alumina Ball

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