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Using Chemical Fillers Precautions

Jan. 14, 2019

As China Chemical Fillers Supplier, it is our duty to provide you with common sense in the process.

Using Chemical Fillers Precautions:

1. The packing of the packing type is cut with a 45-degree cut;

2. Pay attention to its cold flow characteristics when using polytetrafluoroethylene forming filler under high pressure;

3. Flexible graphite ring alone used sealing effect is not good, ought to be used in combination with flexible graphite braided filler, filled with a flexible graphite ring in the center of the box, woven packaging at both ends, can also be layered with a layer of flexible graphite layer of woven filler, It is also possible to put a spacer ring at the center of the box, and the spacer ring is respectively formed into two groups of assembled packing materials;

4. Graphite has corrosion on the stem packing box, and the packing with mild corrosion agent should be selected during use;

5. Flexible graphite is not suitable in mediums such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid;

6. Dimensional Precision of the stuffing box surface roughness, stem size Precision and surface roughness is the key to affect the sealing of the molding filler;

At the same time, High Temperature Resistant Filling Grains can be offered. If you need, please contact us.

High Temperature Resistant Filling Grains

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