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Jan. 09, 2019

As a Chemical Fillers Manufacturer, we have an obligation and responsibility to answer some chemical fillings questions.

The packaging is a dynamic sealing material used to fill out the packaging room space to prevent media leakage through the valve stem and packing chamber space. Packing seal is one of the crucial sections of valve solutions. To achieve a good sealing effect, on the 1 hand, the fabric of the packaging itself, the structure should be adapted to the needs of their moderate working conditions, and the other one is a fair packing setup method and in the stuffing box structural considerations to ensure a trusted seal.

First, the requirements of the filler itself

1. Reduce the friction of the filler on the valve stem;

2. Prevent the corrosion of the filler on the valve stem and the stuffing box;

3. Adapt to the needs of media conditions.

Second, commonly used filler varieties

Because the data is introduced for more than 40 kinds of varieties under various working conditions, but the most commonly used ones are only a few or a dozen.

1. Packing type packing

A. rubber asbestos packing;

B. oil banned asbestos packing;

C. immersed in tetrafluoroethylene asbestos packing;

D. flexible graphite braided filler: according to the different materials, the temperature can be respectively 300 ° C 450 ° C 600 ° C 650 ° C;

E. polytetrafluoroethylene braided filler;

F. Semi-metal braided filler: asbestos with stainless steel wire and copper wire as the center. The exterior is woven with an asphalt cable of copper wire, stainless steel wire, monel cable, and strong nickel cable. The surface is treated with graphite, mica or molybdenum disulfide lubricant depending upon the application. Some are made from asbestos and twisted with lubricated graphite-coated copper and platinum.

2. molding filler

Forming fillers, that is, press-formed fillers,

A. rubber

B. nylon


D. The filled polytetrafluoroethylene (reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene) reinforcing material is glass fiber, generally 8-15% glass fiber.

E. flexible graphite ring

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