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What Are The Characteristics Of Apherical Activated Alumina And Strip Activated Alumina?

Sep. 05, 2018

Active alumina production is usually divided into two types: Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball and strip activated alumina. For example, special active alumina, hydrogen peroxide activated alumina, transformer oil decolorization, active alumina for drying machine, active alumina fluoride removal agent and other spherical, and some active alumina catalyst carrier is selected strip. What advantages and disadvantages do they have in application?

The spherical activated alumina adsorbent has the characteristics of uniform packing and uniform and stable fluid resistance. When a certain volume of the reactor is filled with as many catalysts as possible, the sphere is the most suitable shape. The wear resistance of spherical particles is also better than that of strip shape. Therefore, the application of spherical activated alumina is more and more extensive, and the molding technology has been developed correspondingly.

Strip activated alumina includes two kinds of rash ring and strip. The strip-shaped active alumina has regular and smooth surface, and it is easy to move when filling the catalyst bed, so it has uniform filling, more uniform free space distribution, uniform fluid flow properties, and good fluid distribution.

Compared with the conventional strip-shaped activated alumina, the Ceramic Raschig Ring has the advantages of small apparent density and large surface area per unit volume. Usually used in high heat flux reactions, such as hydrocarbon steam conversion to syngas and partial oxidation reactions; also used in high flow rate, low pressure drop occasions, such as air purification process.

Ceramic Raschig Ring

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