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Ceramic Injection Pump Application Field

Feb. 20, 2019

Ceramic Lined Pipework Alumina Tube Supplier will discuss Ceramic Injection Pump Application with you. 

If you have any idea, please inform us of our email-zbzawa@163.com.

The ceramic ion pump series made by Mingrui Ceramics may be utilized to batteries, medicine, electronics, machines, chemicals, textiles, solvents, dairy products, glues, reagents, and other sectors.

Specifically in:

1. Energy and chemical industry: Lithium-ion battery injection, lead-acid battery injection, capacitors, fuel cells, disposable batteries, and lithium battery equipment manufacturers.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical liquid ointment packaging, biological reagents, micro-sampling, test tube filling, etc.

3. Food industry: food additive injection, fungicide injection, flavor injection, edible oil packaging, fruit pulp, juice, yogurt, etc.

4. Cosmetics industry: the addition of cosmetic pigments, the control of humidity and the addition of spices, as well as the filling of perfumes, creams, skin care products, shampoos, etc.

5. Chemical industry: paper strength increase agent, dye addition, control agent addition, polymer tanning agent, slaked lime addition, strong acid, and alkali addition, solvent addition.

6. Electronics industry: LED chip dispensing LCD precision spraying, microdispensing machine. Provide professional consultation and sample testing to customers at any time to assist customers in developing solutions that meet customer requirements. Suitable for high-end micro-precision liquid media metering filling, adding, injecting, spraying, scribing.

At the same time, Ceramic Raschig Ring can be offered for you.  Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

Ceramic Lined Pipework Alumina Tube

Ceramic Lined Pipework Alumina Tube

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