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Ceramic Gear Ring Packing Has A Specific Structure

May. 13, 2019

Ceramic Filling Gear is to draw in a variety of conventional products (Pall ring, different saddle ring, cascade ring, etc.) the advantages and through many experiments and the development of new packing, it is composed of many uniformly arranged on the winding paths and two cylinders of a whole, open hole in the outer cylinder, two cylinder bottom openings. Wheel ring technology to change the product two cylinder bottom are not open.

Ceramic Gear Ring Packing Has A Specific Structure

Ceramic Gear Ring Packing has a specific structure, arranged symmetrically. The open hole is more open, and the geometric symmetry, the surface distribution is uniform.  The formula is strict, and the two time is the time of the rapid cooling and rapid thermal 194-14. Usual packing specifications and the same compared to increase more than 30% of the specific surface area and reduces the pressure drop about 30% and 28% more gas flux increased, decarburization, desulfurization, cooling and drying, equipment, the packing. 

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