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Sealing Principle Of Packing Conical Plug Valve

Jan. 23, 2019

Here is China Grinding Ceramics Supplier talking about Packing Conical Plug Valve. 

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This sort of valve employs a non-lubricated metallic seal. On account of the large friction between the seal faces, the allowable seal load is restricted to make sure that the plug can rotate freely inside the valve.

Hence, the leakage gap of the sealing surface is comparatively broad, so the valve could be sealed only when it's used with a liquid with higher surface tension and viscosity.

But when a sealant is applied to the plug before the meeting, the valve may also be utilized for moist gases like moist or greasy compressed air. The packaging type conical plug valve includes improved sealing performance, particularly the outside leakage has improved sealing functionality and is employed at a high number of programs using a minimal pressure of 1.0 MPa. The screw below the valve body may adjust the stiffness of the valve plug in and the valve body.

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