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Ceramic Ball Inspection Method

Jun. 30, 2018

ZAWA is a professional Wear-resistant Alumina Supplier. The company has a strict quality control system. For the detection of unqualified alumina ceramic balls, it resolutely eliminates the factory and guarantees the quality of alumina ceramic balls, allowing customers to buy the rest assured. Peace of mind.

ZAWA's method for testing Alumina Filling Balls is as follows:

1. Measurement of size: The caliper is used to measure the average value at different angles, and the maximum deviation of the size deviation is within ±3mm.

2, measuring the bulk density: using the drainage method test, for the non-compliance with this standard as a waste treatment.

3, test water absorption test: The implementation of each kiln sampling, the finished product is completely dry, completely submerged in boiling water and cook for more than 4 hours, and then remove the measurement of its water content, if more than the standard range, shall be treated as waste.

4, inspection appearance quality: according to the appearance of quality standards strictly enforced, does not meet the standards of waste treatment.

5. Inspect the appearance of the abrasion method: Take 10kg ball stone, 8kg water is put into the small mill for continuous grinding for 48 hours, wear (hourly) = amount of ball stone added - amount of grinding after the amount of × added × operation time × 100%.

6. Check chemical properties: Take regular samples and submit them to the Hunan Ceramics Testing Station of the Ministry of Light Industry to determine its oxide content and dispose of waste products that do not meet the standards.

Alumina Filling Balls

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