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Do you know what applications are stable alumina ceramics?

Apr. 24, 2019

Here is Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball Manufacturer talking about Do you know what applications are stable alumina ceramics. If you have any idea about it, welcome to contact us and discuss.

When it comes to the application of stabilized Alumina Ceramics, we have to talk about some of the advantages of alumina, including high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, and a large coefficient of thermal expansion. And regarding its small specific heat and thermal conductivity, as well as the toughening characteristics after stabilization. These are very good when applied to alumina ceramics.

Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball Manufacturer

1. Stabilized Alumina Ceramics made of alumina ceramics, which can be applied to the filtration of superalloys. And foam ceramics also have a good effect on the filtration of molten steel continuous casting, which can efficiently remove non-metallic inclusions.

2.  Stabilized alumina ceramics can be used as special refractory casting nozzles so that for the melting of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, there are also linings for steel drums and flow steel tanks.

3.  Because the hardness of stabilized alumina ceramics is very high, it also has a high application in cold forming tools, shaping dies, wire drawing dies, and cutting tools.


4. The strength of the stabilized alumina ceramic is high, and the toughness is also good. In this case, engine components such as pushrods, connecting rods, bearing cylinder liners, piston caps, etc. can be used for it.

5. It has semi-conductivity and sensitive properties, so that it can be made into a solid electrolyte membrane for high-temperature fuel cells, as well as a probe for measuring oxygen in molten steel, and what we call a concentration sensor for oxygen in a gas.

6. Regarding the application of stabilized zirconia ceramics, because of its relatively high inertia, in this case, we can use high-performance kiln in the electronic ceramic firing process, that is, electronic bearing plate; and stabilize zirconia ceramics. It has the characteristics of chemical stability and high hardness, and can also be used as a bioceramic. It has a good application in terms of human body components such as artificial teeth and bones.

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