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Application of Chemical Fillers

Jun. 04, 2018

Although there are many kinds of chemical fillers, the summary can be divided into four types:

First, granular filler: granular filler is the earliest filler, made of inorganic ceramsite or quartz sand. The main advantages of this filler are the rough surface, the easy attachment of microorganisms, and the ability to trap suspended solids; but its resistance and ease of plugging are his important flaws!

Second, honeycomb or corrugated plate filler: This type of filler is usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or plastic (polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene, etc.) and other materials. Its advantages are light weight, high porosity, high strength, and good anti-corrosion performance. The disadvantages are: poor control of microbial growth and shedding, and difficulty in obtaining uniform flow rates. Click our website for information of Honeycomb Ceramics.

Honeycomb Ceramics

Third, Spherical Lightweight Ceramsite: Spherical lightweight ceramsite generally uses clay as its raw material, and adds appropriate chemical raw materials as expansion agent and is fired at high temperature. Compared with traditional fillers, the advantages of spherical lightweight ceramsite are: high strength, large porosity, large specific surface area, suitable density, good chemical stability, and strong biological adhesion; disadvantages are: high energy consumption, The preparation cost is high. So far in China, the spherical lightweight aerated biological filter and its combination process have been widely used in domestic sewage treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, and beer wastewater treatment. In many years of practice, it has achieved outstanding effects.

Fourth, irregular porous filler: the previous fillers are RaschingRing, PallRing, etc.; the current filler has Hacketten and multi-faceted lightweight ball, etc., the production of materials such as tower internals, ceramics, graphite, plastics and metals. The main advantage is that the structure is simple and cheap; however, the uneven distribution of fluid is his fault.

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