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Analysis of Causes of Damage of Wear-Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles

Jun. 27, 2018

Wear-resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles are easy to fall off or break, and the specific causes are analyzed as by China Chemical Fillers Supplier follows:

1 wear-resistant ceramic flakes off

The reason for the loss of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is mainly due to the fact that the surface treatment of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is not in place or the coating of the adhesive is not thorough, but there are also some cases where the wear-resistant ceramic sheet loses its adhesion base due to wear of the rubber material around the wear-resistant ceramic sheet. Causes shedding.

2. Wear-resistant ceramic sheet cracked

A zone of wear-resistant ceramic pieces disappeared, the edge of the area of wear-resistant ceramic film incomplete, surface cracks. This is because the strength of the wear-resistant ceramic tile is insufficient and it breaks and falls off under the impact of the conveyer particles.

Wear-resistant ceramic sheet wear

Ceramics without the edges of the wear-resistant ceramic zone show marked signs of wear. One of the reasons is due to the wear of the plastic material causing the corners of the ceramic to be exposed and the wear begins. Another reason is due to the movement of the material in the pipe and the properties of the ceramic material.

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