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Alumina Powder Is The Main Raw Material For Making White Corundum

Mar. 26, 2019

Here is Wear-resistant Alumina Supplier talking about Alumina powder is the main raw material for making white corundum. 

White corundum and brown corundum are one of the more commonly used abrasives on the market. The main chemical component is AL2O3. According to the content of alumina powder, it can be divided into first grade and second grade, and the scope of use is particularly wide. It is mainly used for decontamination, derusting, anti-corrosion, descaling, lighting, effect pattern, etc. of various material workpieces; it is involved in different fields, suitable for all kinds of common steel, general steel, smelting iron It does not blast, powder or crack when used. It is suitable for many industries; the requirements for alumina in white fused alumina smelting are mainly the content of alumina and sodium oxide. Because white sapphire smelting is the process of melting and recrystallization of aluminum oxide powder, if the alumina content in the aluminum oxide powder does not reach the specified value, the alumina in the obtained product will not reach the required content, so the aluminum oxide powder The alumina content must be controlled above 98.4%. Sodium oxide in the aluminum oxide powder is the source of sodium aluminate. One molecule of Na2O consumes eleven molecules of Al2O3 to form sodium aluminate (Na2O&middot; 11Al2O3), that is, one mass of Na2O consumes 18.1 parts of Al2O3, and if the alumina powder contains 0.6% of Na2O 11.46% of the corundum block will become a non-conforming product, and it will bring greater difficulties to the crushing. Therefore, the white fused smelting requires strict control of the Na2O content in the aluminum oxide powder, preferably Na2O <0.3%.

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Aluminum oxide powder is a general name for alumina powder. It is the main raw material for the manufacture of abrasives such as white corundum and brown corundum. It is a white powder with Al2O3>98% and melting point>2000°C. It is also electrolytic aluminum and chrome corundum and enamel corundum. The main raw material.

China's manufacturing of white corundum abrasives use alumina powder of three or more grades, requiring Al2O3>98.4%, Na2O&le; 0.6%, and the particle size is as large as possible. Alumina powder should be prevented from mixing in other impurities during transportation and smelting, otherwise, it will affect the chemical composition and color of white corundum and reduce the quality of the product. In addition, in order to reduce the flying and stable furnace conditions of the alumina powder during the smelting process, it is required that the particle size of the alumina powder is as large as possible and the water content is as small as possible. It is more suitable to use sand-like alumina powder as a raw material of white corundum sand, which can reduce flying loss, improve working conditions and improve economic benefits.

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