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How To Distinguish Between Alumina Grinding Balls And Alumina Filler Balls?

Nov. 16, 2018

Alumina ceramic balls can be classified into Alumina Grinding Balls and alumina filler balls depending on the application.

Customers often come to consult alumina ceramic balls, but they don't know exactly what porcelain balls are, especially some commerce companies. From the technical indicators provided by customers, we can't judge the customers' needs, so it is necessary to first understand these two balls.

First of all, from the outside, both are pure white, but the surface of the alumina grinding ball is relatively smooth, the surface of the alumina filler ball is rough; the diameter of the alumina grinding ball is more than 30, and the surface has an indentation. The filler balls are rolled into a shape regardless of the diameter, so they are all in one shape.

Secondly, the two uses are different. The alumina grinding balls are mainly used for grinding materials, and the alumina filler balls are used as the covering support material and the tower packing of the catalyst in the reactor, and can withstand the temperature change occurring in the production process. The main role is to increase the gas or liquid distribution point, support and protect the active catalyst with low strength.

Finally, because of the different uses of their production processes, the technical indicators of the two have different priorities. Alumina grinding balls focus on three indicators of hardness, density and abrasion. In particular, abrasion is directly related to the customer's production costs. The alumina filler ball is mainly used as a proppant, so it will value the compressive strength, water absorption, tolerance, and sudden temperature change.

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