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What Are The Advantages Of Open Hole Ceramic Balls?

Jul. 18, 2018

Open Hole Ceramic Balls is one of Chemical Ceramic Fillers. The open-hole porcelain ball is opened with the diameter of the sphere as the axis, and the void ratio and specific surface area of the deposited bed are increased. The packing density in the same volume is alleviated, the process medium or process vapor-liquid dispersion is more uniform, the resistance of the system is effectively reduced, the liquid redistribution performance in the filler layer is enhanced, and the vapor-liquid dispersion performance is excellent. Compared with the performance of the inert alumina ceramic ball under the same conditions, the porosity of the open-pored ceramic ball increases by 6-12%, the contact specific surface area increases by 16-18%, the resistance decreases by 11-12%, and the surface area increases. The increase of the void ratio can accommodate more impurities such as coke powder and dust in the process steam, can reduce the boring caused by the blockage of the bed in a certain period of time, prolong the operation cycle, and can avoid the coking of the catalyst and increase the catalyst service life.

Open Hole Ceramic Balls

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