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What Is Abrasive Alumina?

Dec. 20, 2018

Alumina is acceptable for a broad assortment of dry and wet processes and may polish the surface of almost any workpiece. It's among the most economical abrasives. 

For example, Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball.

This sharp-edged artificial abrasive includes a hardness second only to diamond and is particularly acceptable for use when iron contamination is crucial.

Alumina may be used for its roughest cuts, or it may be pebble-shaped to manage exceptionally precise workpieces to reach exceptionally low roughness. As a result of the high density, sharp contrast, and angular structure, it's among the quickest cutting abrasives available now.

Our Ceramic Alumina Tile is used in all mechanical equipment exposed to heavy wear, material handling systems, crushing systems, dust removal systems in thermal power generation, steel mills, smelting, machinery, coal, mining.

Ceramic Alumina Tile

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