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Let's Talk About Open Hole Ceramic Balls

Aug. 12, 2018

According to the Usage and Production process of open hole ceramic balls, it May be divided into: Artwork ceramic beads, jewelry ceramic beads, Practical ceramic beads.

The firing temperature is greater than that of those jewellery ceramic beads. It's lower than the practical ceramic beads. It's between them both. It pertains to a lot of crafts, connectors, ceramic machines and ceramic grinding beads.

Ceramic beads would be the distinctive ceramic jewellery ceramic beads in Jingdezhen. The most important goal is DIY ceramic jewellery, such as ceramic jewellery bracelets, sweater chains, earrings, etc., which plays a huge part in the DIY area, which differs from acrylic beads and glass beads. ceramic beads exceptional acid and alkali corrosion resistance, in addition, it includes high hardness, since it's high temperature firing during the standard porcelain manufacturing procedure in Jingdezhen.

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open hole ceramic balls

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