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Alumina Filling Bead
Alumina Filling Bead
Alumina Filling Bead

Alumina Filling Bead

Ceramic filler is a filling material, with acid resistant performance and high and low temperature resistance, anti aging properties, except hydrofluoric acid (HF). Other inorganic acid, organic acid and organic solvent corrosion, can be used in all kinds of high, low temperature applications.

Product Details

Size: Appears as white balls ranging 0.5-10mm in diameter 


1.High purity, high strength,high temperature resistant,high wear-resistance

2.Excellent compression resistance

3.Lower water absorption

4.Stable chemical performance

5.Good corrosion of acid and alkali

Application: As the reactor catalyst support and covering material, widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas and environmental protection industries. Buffer the shock, the reactor liquid and gas on the catalyst protection catalyst, distribution and improve reactor liquid and gas. 

Tech data:

Performance Index92Series99Series
Water Absorption(%≤4.5≤2
Stacking Density(kg/cm3)≥1700≥2000

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